Alice's Lynnie's Jubilee Goat Milk Soap

I made this for my twin sister’s Jubilee Birthday (50 years!)

Almond Oil (2 oz. = 4%)
Avocado Oil (4 oz. = 8%)
Castor Oil (3 oz. = 6%)
Cocoa Butter (2 oz. = 4%)
Rose Hip Seed (1.5 oz. = 3%)
Jojoba Oil (1.5 oz. = 3%)
Olive Oil ( 22 oz. = 44%)
Palm (3 oz. = 6%)
Palm Oil (3 oz. = 6%)
Shea Butter (1.5 oz. = 3%)
Wheat Germ Oil (2 oz. = 4%)
Beeswax (1 oz. = 2%)
Emu Oil (1.5 oz. = 3%)
Lanolin (2 oz. = 4%)
Lye (6.35 oz.)
Water (9.5 oz. — add sea salt and cane sugar and fully dissolve)
Evaporated GM (9.5 oz. — add with your Castor and Jojoba at rather light trace with your warmed Honey, Room temp egg yolks, and essential oils)

1/4 to 1/3 cup Oat Flour
6 egg yolks, room temp.
1.5 oz. Honey (slightly warmed)
1 oz. Lavender EO
1 oz. Lime EO
1/3 oz. Rosemary EO

Add 1 tsp. of sea salt per pound of oils. I used three tsp. of sea salt, adding it to the water the night before to make sure that it was fully dissolved. Add 1 tsp. of pure cane sugar per pound of oils. I used three tsp. of cane sugar, (this helps increase the lather) also the night before making sure it was fully dissolved. The sea salt and cane sugar are on the scant side of measurements. Remember, you need to go scant rather than over the measure. Stir well before adding the lye.

Add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of oat flour before the light trace stage to make sure that it is blended smoothly into the oil and lye mixture and no lumps remain.

Hold your castor oil and your jojoba oil until you reach a light trace as both of these oils will accelerate your trace time. Add .5 oz. of honey per pound equaling 1.5 oz., warm the honey and add it with your essential oils at light trace with the castor oil and jojoba oil.

submitted by Alice F.

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