Debbie’s “Bev’s Special Milk Soap”

The recipe I use is called Bev’s Special Soap. Bev was my instructor, thus the name. The base is half and half, and is a very gentle rich soap. I’ve played around with the superfats, but not the main recipe. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Here goes:

9 oz. Crisco
9 oz. Palm Oil
15 oz. Coconut Oil
15 oz. Olive Oil
3 1/4 cups Half and Half (goat, or whole cow’s milk)
7.1 oz. Lye

Mix lye liquid and oils at 100° (80°-100°), not less than 80°, 85°-90° preferred.

At trace:

2 Tbsp. Castor oil (avocado works great here!)
2 Tbsp. Cocoa Butter, melted (I’ve used lanolin here — the soap is WONDERFUL for your hands, but never gets very hard. I’ve been meaning to try adding some bees wax to help)
1/4 cup aloe
1 oz. Orange or Lemongrass EO

submitted by Debby S.

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