“Gentle Thymes” Goat Milk Soap Recipe

This soap is one of my favorite “basics”. It is just good soap with no fragrance or color. Gentle for babies and wonderful for mature skin.

2 oz. castor oil
36 oz. coconut oil
66 oz. virgin olive oil (lavender infused)
30 oz. palm kernel oil
2 oz. shea butter

25 oz. distilled water (for lye)
25 oz. fresh goat’s milk (frozen till just slushy)
19.6 oz. sodium hydroxide (6%)

Warm all oils until just heated. Add Shea butter. Dissolve the lye in the 25 oz. of distilled water and let cool to 85°F or so. Add the lye water to the warm oils (90 or so degrees). Add the goat milk after you have a good emulsion going. Bring to medium trace and pour into mold. I do not insulate this.

Because this is such a gentle recipe I do not add fragrance or color. I am sure you can if you desire to.

submitted by Cindy W.

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