Golden Sandalwood Goat’s Milk Soap

76 ounces fresh goat’s milk
20 ounces lye
4 ounces avocado oil
4 ounces castor oil (added with essential oils at trace)
4 ounces scented cocoa butter
4 ounces shea butter (added at trace)
24 ounces coconut oil
24 ounces palm kernel oil
40 ounces olive oil
40 ounces soybean oil (wasn’t Crisco, the label said 100% soybean)
1/2 ounce sandalwood essential oil
1 ounce sweet orange oil
2 cups loosely packed calendula petals

Oils and lye/milk were about 105° when mixed.

No insulation, left in a cold oven overnight. Used a plastic box for the mold.

submitted by Judith S.

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