Heidi’s Tea Tree and Lavender Soap

(Cold process method)

This is an all purpose great soap. It is great for someone with acne because of its antiseptic and skin healing values. It can be used as a shampoo bar because of its great lather and dandruff controlling properties. It can also be used for your animal friends and as a flea repellent.


20 oz. Coconut oil
12 oz. Palm Oil
32 oz. olive oil
2 oz. beeswax

Add to lye mixture of 26 oz. water and 9.8 oz. lye at 110 degrees for both.

At trace add:

2 oz. sweet almond oil
2 oz. castor oil
2oz. tea tree eo
2 oz. lavender eo
2 tbls. chlorophyl (for green color) (optional)

submitted by Heidi W.

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