Ideas for Packaging Soap

I use shrink wrap for my gift baskets and DH tried it on soap. You just place your package/soap in the wrap and then take a heat gun or blow dryer and hold it near the wrap. The heat makes it shrink. Some hints I can give you, let the gun heat up before you place it near the wrap, this makes the wrap shrink faster, keep the gun moving, too long in one place can melt your soap!

submitted by Marti H.

I know I’m obsessed, but was washing my truck the other day. When I was cleaning out the glove box, found all these maps that were in pristine condition (I never read them or ask directions =o)). I cut them up and made cigar bands for some of my spiced soap. Labeled them “Back Roads,” “Spice roads,” “Route 66,” etc. Always looking for a wrapping idea that will appeal to the men in a crowd. The best part was that the maps were free from my AAA office.

submitted by Don M.

Anyone seen soaps that are packaged in little tiny lunch bags… about 3″ x 4″ by 2″ deep. They are soooo cute with a label on the front.

submitted by Sue H.

We run brown paper and wrapping paper through a crimper and then tie it with raffia. This leaves the bars open for smelling and then we put the ingredient stickers on the bottom. Works for us!

submitted by Jackie H.

Use the white paper that you can get at a restaurant supply store. It is the paper they sell to wrap hot dogs and hamburgers in. If you are wrapping round soap, place the soap in the center of a square (you might need to trim the paper to fit). Gradually work your way around the soap making pleats as you go. Then you can secure the center with a special sticker. The radial pleats look so much better than just wrapping it in paper.

submitted by Ann C.

I use a two hole punch to punch my cello bags. I fold the top down about an inch or so, slide it in the punch and do sort of a “wham, wham” to get the holes punched through. It usually takes two quick punches before I get the holes. Then, my label is made of card stock and I use an 8.5 x 11 to get eight labels. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I use two text boxes for each label, one is right side up and the other is upside down. The right side up label contains my logo and the upside down one contained my soap information. Then, I would cut these eight labels apart and once folded over and hole-punched I would have two right side up labels. Then, I run raffia through the hole and tie in a bow.

submitted by Teresa W.

I wrap some soap in homemade paper. It is easy and cheap to make. Don’t wrap the whole bar but only run a piece (torn, not cut) around it then tie with raffia or string or whatever. Another way is to wrap the soap in a dried leaf or fern. This is really beautiful. Again, just tie something to keep it together.

submitted by Mary K.

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