Shea Sparkle Cold Process Soap Recipe

20g Castor Oil (2.5%)
150g Coconut Oil (20%)
250g Olive Oil (33%)
40g Shea Butter (5%)
300g Tallow (40%)

110g sodium hydroxide
285ml water

Percentages are approximate so those without gram scales can use the lye calculator (as I did) in ounces to come up with the recipe in the size they’d like. This batch is about 1.5 pounds.

I mixed the above at 100 degrees F for the fats/oils and about 95 degrees for the lye solution. At heavy trace I added:

1 tablespoon sweet orange EO
1/2 teaspoon Christmas Memories FO (smells like brown bread to me)
1 handful shredded orange colored soap

submitted by Jennifer F.

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