Jen's Orange Bath Kisses

Dissolve first in hot water, then add cold water to make your bath temperature what you want. I used these this morning and my skin has been saying thank you all day!

30 grams cocoa butter
20 grams shea butter
10 grams sweet almond oil
scant 1/4 teas orange essential oil

Melt first three ingredients on stove top. Add orange EO. Pour into ice cube tray. I found making 10 ice cubes (maybe not quite full, depending on your tray) make appropriately sized kisses. I froze the kisses solid then popped them out. At room temperature, they are solid but not at all hard. I store them in the fridge. Use one (or if feeling very decadent) two in your bath.

Here’s my bath kiss in ounces (I rounded a bit to make more even numbers so this isn’t an exact conversion):

1 oz cocoa butter
2/3 oz shea butter
1/3 oz sweet almond oil
scant 1/4 teas orange essential oil

This makes about 10 (sort of small) ice cube size bath kisses. You can use 1 or 2 in your bath. Put your kiss in hot running water and after it’s melted add cold until your bath is the temperature you like. (Fair warning: using 2 makes your tub sort of slick after so I recommend wiping it down to avoid slipping the next time you take a shower!)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

submitted by Jennifer F.

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