Joanie's Goat Milk Soap with Avocado or Hemp Oils

This is for a small batch:

12 oz. Olive Oil
6 oz. Palm Oil
6 oz. Coconut Oil (or I switch and use 6 oz. Palm Kernel Oil)
4 oz. Avocado Oil (or I switch and use 4 oz. Hempseed Oil – have also tried Grapeseed Oil)
3 oz. Castor Oil

I dissolve lye (use calculator depending on which combination you use) in 6 oz. of water – when this mixture cools to about 90°F, I add 6 oz. gm slowly. I use a thermometer and keep the temp. around 95°F – 100°F. I heat other oils to 100°F as well. I mix two solutions together – at trace I add an additional 1 oz. of Castor with my E.O. or F.O. I mainly use Milky Way molds. This is a really nice recipe – hope you like it.

submitted by Joanie K.

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