Kaleidoscope Goat Milk Soap Recipe

12 oz. coconut oil
12 oz. olive oil
10 oz. Crisco
8 oz. water
6 oz. lye
8 oz. goat’s milk (add very slowly to the lye and water after it has cooled down — be sure to stir while adding the goat’s milk)
4-5 tsp. EO/FO
1 cup grated glycerine soap (I added color and cut it up in small pieces)

Follow general soap directions with the following exception: At trace, add glycerine soap and EO/FO.

Fat and lye temperature: 100 degrees F
Tracing time: 25 minutes (approximately)
Time in molds: 24 hours
Curing time: 3 weeks

submitted by Michelle R.

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