Luscious Lemon Cold Process Soap Recipe

8 oz Almond Oil
2 oz. Castor Oil
10 oz Coconut Oil
13 oz Olive Oil
10 oz Palm Oil
10 oz Palm Kernel Oil
10 oz Soybean Oil
2 oz. Honey
4 oz Lemongrass EO
24 oz Water
8.84 oz Lye

Combine lye with water, cool to 100°. Melt solid oil, add olive oil, cool to 100°. Combine fats with lye water, at trace add the lemongrass EO. Pour into mold. If you like color you can swirl yellow color in at trace. Makes a beautiful soap. Pour into mold and cover for 24 hours. Remove from mold and cut into bars. Age for 4-6 weeks.

submitted by Pam D.

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