More Ideas for Packaging Soap

We have only been selling for about a year, but have found most people buy the bath size which for us is 3.5 oz. We also sell 1 oz., which my daughter loves to give as a little variety pack for birthday presents to her friends. We mostly sell ovals from 3″ PVC pipe that I have heated and squashed. We also have started wrapping in tissue paper and closing with a sticky label.

submitted by Maryclaire M.

You can package your soaps in just about any way. At the beginning I used strips of brown paper grocery bags, rubberstamped them, and tied with raffia. I have also punched shaped holes in them (like stars and moons… with one of those punchers for scrapbooks). That was a neat technique because you could see the soap peeking through the holes. Fabric looks nice banded on. I am now making paperband labels on the computer and printing them out on parchment… which is a really nice weight of paper for bands.

submitted by Jill F.

Packaging Mr. Frog… I made a couple with m&p to see how the detailing came out before I go on to cp soap. I was blown away, the detail is wonderful and I can’t look into that upturned little frog face without smiling. I put one on a wooden crate-like soap dish and then shrink wrapped the whole thing with the closed edges on the bottom of the soap dish. I then put my label over this. That way you still keep that frog face to look at.

submitted by Iris N.

Don’t wrap your cp soap in plastic, it has to breathe. Only mp soap should be wrapped in plastic. Your soap will go soft if it can’t get air.

submitted by Judi T.

I make my labels on my computer. The front has my logo and company name on it with the soap name underneath that, with the description of that particular bar of soap directly underneath that. On the back I have my company description and contact information. I wrap the label around my soap leaving about 1/4 inch showing on each side. That way, my customers can both touch and smell my bars of soap and it allows the bar to continue to breathe. So far, I’ve had a very good response!

submitted by Kelly S.

After trying several different packaging ideas, I’ve settled on 1″ marbled paper bands (like cigar bands??) with an Avery-type name label on the front and ingredient label on the back. The label is the width of the band, and holds the ends of the bands together. I print the labels on my computer, in color. I’m learning more about the program all the time, so my labels are getting fancier, with borders and little graphics. You can see and smell the soap, the print isn’t too small to read, it looks neat, and it’s not too costly or time-consuming.

submitted by Alaena H.

I make cigar bands for rectangular bars and tags for circular. I cut them out with craft scissors. Use a low temp. glue gun to stick them together and then tie with colored raffia or hemp string. You could use ribbon, too. I use MS Publish to design the different bands and labels. Just make up a basic one to begin with and then change it for your different soaps. They can be as fancy or as plain as you want them.

submitted by Jennifer M.

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