Paula's Other Recipe for Goat Milk Soap

I use:

20% Coconut oil
20% Palm oil
58% Crisco liquid oil or store brand
2% Castor or mineral oil for superfat (castor oil anchors the scents better)
and the amount of lye called for from the lye calculator

Say if the liquid is 36 ounces I use 16 ounces water to mix the lye and add around 24 to 32 ounces of goats milk at light trace. I don’t hassle with taking a chance on the milk curdling very often but if I want a darker soap I put my lye/water container in a sink of cold ice water and add milk very, very slowly. I don’t like taking a chance of wasting my lye. I do use the Crisco in most of my recipes because it is easy to get but I have found that the store brands work just as well.

Once I found that my recipe worked consistently I stuck to it. This recipe creates a bar that is very light tan to almost white, which I like, and it hardens nicely and looks good. Every time I start experimenting I find that it is a big waste of money which I don’t have much of. I don’t use Olive oil anymore because I haven’t had much luck with it, it doesn’t seem to want to stay mixed and can raise to the surface of the bars. My experiment with the sweet almond oil which made a wonderful bar to use but is ugly and doesn’t hold the scent. I really enjoy making soap but also followed a lot of more experienced soap makers’ directions until I found my own niche.

submitted by Paula S.

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