Polly’s Lavender and Chamomile Soap

(Cold process method)

I have to tell you I’ve been on a soap making binge just trying to get enough made to last a year just to try a year-old bar. It never lasts that long with my family (that’s good I suppose). Anyway, I was experimenting today and hit on a soap I really love, the combos are popular so do not know why I did not try it sooner. Thought I’d share if there are any lavender and chamomile lovers out there. I was trying to come up with something with fragrance for a friend who can use the baby formula olive, coconut and vegetable Crisco superfatted with calendula olive oil, but she wanted to try a fragranced one also. No guarantee this won’t bother her but I’ll keep it for myself if it does, so tried the lavender chamomile mixture. It smells so good.

24 oz. olive oil
24 oz. coconut oil
38 oz. vegetable Crisco
12 oz. lye
32 oz. water with
3 tsp. sea salt disolved in it before adding lye

1/4 oz chamomile
3 1/2 oz. lavender, both added to slightly warmed
1 oz. jojoba oil
1 T. finely ground chamomile
2 large pinches calendula petals (I add these to almost everything)

Mixed lye and oils at 115°F (took about 20 minutes to trace) then added E.O.’s, jojoba and flowers. Don’t think this will stay around for a year, it just smells too good.

submitted by Polly A.

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