“Too Much Snow!” Goat Milk Soap Recipe

I came up with this recipe when I was snowed in, out of coconut oil, and unable to get out of my driveway to get some more. I do have small amounts of lots of different oils on hand however. Anyway, here it is.

16 oz Crisco shortening (the kind with palm oil and soybean oil)
8 oz canola
3 oz castor
2 oz sweet almond
2 oz avocado
2 oz apricot kernel

4.3 oz lye
6 oz water and 6 oz milk (almost frozen)

2 T calendula infused olive oil
10 ml sweet orange EO

Go outside where it’s really cold and mix lye with slushy water and milk. Leave it out there to cool for a while. Meanwhile, melt shortening, add liquid oils. The lye solution was 100° and the oils about 125° when mixed. Added calendula and sweet orange at trace.

Looks lovely (pale yellow with orange flecks, left the calendula petals in the oil), and smells yummy.

submitted by Cheryl H.

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