Vanilla Goat Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe

38 oz. olive oil
20 oz. Crisco
6 oz. castor oil
8 oz. lye (6% discount)
4 tsp. sea salt dissolved in water before adding lye (an absolute must)
2 Tbsp. vanilla FO at trace

12 oz. water with lye and
12 oz. goat’s milk at trace (make sure the goat’s milk is very chilled, but not slushy)

All measurements are by weight except the milk which is by volume.

I kept my temps at about 105° and after adding the lye solution to the oils, I hand stirred for about 2 minutes and then used a stick blender. I reached trace in about another 2-3 minutes — really! I then added the goat’s milk and FO and poured into the prepared molds. They were ready to unmold in about 15 hours. It’s a dark tan color right now, but I hope it lightens up as it cures. Just hope it lathers good.

submitted by Jill A.

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