Welcome to the Soapmaking Recipes Library!

The North Country Soapmaking Library began with recipes and hints we had collected from messages sent to our soapmaking mailing list. Each recipe is presented in the contributor's own writing style and includes their accompanying comments about specific techniques for the recipe. We also wanted the hints and recipes to be from firsthand soapmaking experience, so we asked contributors to share only their own "tried and true" favorite recipes or hints. Later we began adding material from our online forum, as well as articles we had written ourselves (mostly in response to reader questions).

Please note: The information included in the Soapmaking Library is for your personal use only and is copyrighted material that may not be posted on other web sites, mailing lists, forums, etc. The format and compilation of the library is copyrighted by the North Country Soap Making Library, and the recipes and hints are the copyrighted property of each contributor.

A reminder — The usual disclaimers apply. The recipes in this library reflect the individual contributors' own methods of soapmaking and are written in their own words. We cannot personally guarantee the success or results of any of the recipes included in this library.

Enjoy! — the North Country Soapmaking Library