A Recipe for Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap with Chocolate Chunks

(Cold process method)

8.5 oz. coconut oil
10 oz. olive oil
16 oz. shortening
1.5 oz. castor oil
8 oz. water
4.93 oz. lye
6 oz. canned coconut milk (not Cream of Coconut)
3 oz. chocolate soap, cut into chunks
2 1/2 Tbs. coconut fo

Mix lye into water. Melt oils. I usually start my soaps at approx. 110 degrees. or so. At thin trace add warmed castor oil. When blended add coconut fo, blend, then coconut milk. At thick trace, add soap chunks so that they will stay suspended well and not sink to the bottom of your mold.

Everyone who has tried this recipe has loved it. It leaves your skin very silky. Also, the soap has a sort of opaque quality… not see through…just very different than other cp soaps that I have made.

submitted by Jill F.

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