Barbara's Tropical Buttermilk Soap

47 oz. Olive Oil
25 oz. Shortening
7.5 oz. Castor Oil

14 oz. Coconut Milk
16 oz. Buttermilk
9.11 oz. Lye

5 tsp. Sugar
5 tsp. Salt

Melt shortening and add other oils. Maintain temp at 105°F. Mix sugar and salt with coconut milk. Add lye to chilled coconut milk and sugar and salt mixture. Let cool to about 105°F. and mix with oils. Stir until trace. Then add buttermilk and stir until mixed well and pour into molds. Remove from molds after 24 hours and let cure for 3 weeks. Any scent of your choice can be added to this recipe. This makes a five pound batch.

submitted by Barbara S.

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