Becky’s “Mom’s Special Soap”

(Cold process method)

This was one of my very first batches when I first started making soap. I made it for my elderly mother, whose dry, thin skin experienced skin tears almost every day. I’m not saying my soap “fixed” the problem, but I will say that she rarely has more than 2 or 3 skin tears a month now. Her skin is much nicer to the touch now, too. I used a higher percentage of palm because that’s what I had the most of that day. By the way, it works great on my dry skin, too. It feels like I’ve just applied lotion! This recipe produces a hard, off-white bar with lots of lather.

30 oz palm oil
19 oz. olive oil
19 oz coconut oil

29.5 oz water
10 oz lye

At trace, add:

1 oz castor oil
1/3 oz vit e oil
1/3 oz shea butter
1/3 oz cocoa butter
3.5 oz lavender eo

submitted by Becky P.

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