Bonnie's Bath Fizzies

This is how I make mine. It’s very easy and they come out great.

10 T Baking Soda
5 T Corn Starch
5 T Citric Acid
1 1/2 T Apricot Kernel Oil
1/2 T Water
Pinch of Borax
several drops of fragrance

Sift dry ingredients together. In mason jar, shake together: apricot kernel oil, water, borax and fragrance. Drizzle over dry ingredients and mix with your hands. Then you can shape them with your hands or use a scoop. I use a scoop, it seems easier to me. Leave them on a cookie sheet for a couple of hours to dry. Then put them in a sealed container. You could probably add color to the jar if you want. I haven’t tried that yet.

submitted by Bonnie H.

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