Bonnie’s Ocean Rain Marbled Soap

(Cold process method)

This was my first attempt at marbled soap, and it was not difficult. It is also all-veggie. I was happy with these results, but next time I’ll stir the two colors together better. These instructions should enable you to make a perfect 5.3 lb. slab of beautifully marbled soap, which I think is a good effect for bar soap. Basically, you make two batches at the same time, with the marbling color batch being 1/3 the size of the main color. Mix at 110°F. Both batches are made together, stirred alternately to trace (about 20 minutes alternating stick blender and hand stirring), and then the small batch is poured into the big batch and the colors mixed together with a knife, chopsticks or any similar instrument. Pour at medium to thin trace.

Batch 1:
33 oz. Soybean (51%)
18.75 oz. Coconut (29%)
12 oz. Olive (18.8%)
18 oz. water
9 oz. lye
6 T. rain FO

Batch 2:
11 oz. Soybean
6.25 oz. Coconut
4 oz. Olive
6 oz. water
3 oz. lye
2 blue color chips (I would use 1 next time)

submitted by Bonnie L.

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