Camille’s “Slice of Summer” Cucumber Soap

15 oz. canola oil
30 oz. coconut oil
27 oz. olive oil
21 oz. palm oil
5 oz. shea butter

13.75 oz. lye
20 oz. rain water

16 oz. pureed cucumber (peels ‘n all!)

Mix lye and water. Cool to 90°F. Puree cukes (this will be approx. 2-3 large cukes). Heat oils to 90°F.

Mix lye solution and oils, blend well, add pureed cukes. Bring to light trace, add fragrance of your choice. Bring to heavy trace. Pour in mold. Leave it alone. :)

Notes: Even in very hard water it has lots of lather and is very soothing to the skin. Uncolored, it is a very lovely pale ivory, slightly translucent.

submitted by Camille P.

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