Cheryll's Café Au Lait Soap

Castor 5 oz. (10%)
Coconut 10 oz. (20%)
Olive 20 oz. (39%)
Palm 14 oz. (27%)
Wheat germ 2 oz. (4%)
Lye 6.94 oz. (7% superfat)
Water 19.8 oz.

Coffee grounds 2/3 cup
Goat’s Milk 1/2 cup powdered
Salt 2-3 teaspoons

This recipe makes approximately 5 lbs.

Weigh the water and use it and the coffee grounds to make a pot of coffee. While the coffee is still hot, add the salt, stir until completely dissolved. Re-weigh the coffee and add more water as needed (some will be lost in the coffee making). Let this mixture cool completely before adding the lye.

I mixed oils and lye at about 100 degrees. I used a Kitchen Aid mixer and got a good trace in about 5 mins.

My coffee grounds had dried out, as I made the lye mix 2 days before. I thoroughly mixed the grounds with the dry goat milk powder. At trace I added 2 cups of soap to the grounds/milk, whisked thoroughly, and added back to the batch.

I chose not to use any fragrance, but those of you who use FO’s might have a good time adding appropriate coffee scents.

submitted by Cheryll H.

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