Chickweed/Lavender Soap Recipe

(Cold process method)

30 oz. coconut
30 oz. palm
40 oz. olive
14.53 oz. lye
38 oz. water
1 oz. cocoa butter
1 oz. shea butter
1/2 tbsp. ground lavender
2 cups packed fresh chickweed
1 oz. lavender EO
1 tsp. patchouli EO

This was an experimental batch using fresh chickweed. I packed a 2-cup measuring cup with chickweed and filled it with a portion of the olive oil and then put it in the blender on high to pulverize as much of the material as I could. Then added it to the melted oils. (The chickweed contains all parts including the seeds.) I let this cool together with the other oils to about 100 degrees and proceeded as usual. The finished soap was a beautiful shade of green but I would imagine it will not stay that pretty green for very long.

submitted by Donna S.

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