Cocoa Butter Cold Process Soap Recipe

The only thing I don’t like about this soap is its name. I simply started calling it “Cocoa Butter” because of the high percentage of cocoa butter it contains. The smell of it reminds me of chocolate-covered cherries and makes me think of Easter mornings when I was a kid. It’s probably my best selling soap and my favorite.

1 oz. castor oil
18 oz. cocoa butter
22.5 oz. coconut oil (76°)
45 oz. olive oil (grade A)
35 oz. palm kernel oil
1 oz. sweet almond oil
3-4 oz. marachino cherry fragrance oil

18 oz. lye
46 oz. water (by weight)

Add lye/water to oils when both are between 95°F-105°F. Add the sweet almond oil, castor oil and fragrance oil at trace. Palm oil may be used instead of the palm kernel oil. Sometimes I use a combination of the two. Run through lye calculator as it may change the amounts slightly.

submitted by Jackie H.

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