Coconut Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe

Hi, just used my soap I made using coconut milk for the first time. Talk about creamy!! Wow, I used just a simple recipe without any expensive oils, and this bar is fabulous. I am hooked on coconut milk. I think I’ve posted this recipe before but I’ll post it again using the coconut milk.

Two pound batch:

19 oz. olive oil
10 oz. Cricso
3 oz. castor oil
4 oz. lye (7% discount)
2 tsp. sea salt dissolved in water before adding lye (a must for this recipe)
2 tablespoons of your FO or EO at trace

7 oz. water with lye, 5 oz. coconut milk at trace

This will trace quickly because of the smaller amount of water with the lye. Add coconut milk and eo or fo at trace. This makes a cream color bar, not tan at all. Makes a nice hard bar with the salt, but wow what a creamy, lathery soap. Enjoy…

submitted by Nancy M.

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