Coffee Cold Process Soap Recipe

Coffee soap is one of my favorites. One – it really works to deodorize my hands, and Two – the grounds feel so good scrubbing and stimulating all those reflexology points in my hands (which is a whole ‘nuther discussion…). I make mine differently — no stearic or sugar, but still have some similar reactions.

Coconut, 15 oz.
Olive, 17 oz.
Palm, 12 oz.
Wheatgerm, 2 oz.
Strong coffee, 19 oz. with 1 T of salt
Lye, 6.95 oz. (for a 10% superfat)

At trace I add 5 oz. castor oil mixed with 1/4 c. coffee grounds. I’ve sometimes added powdered goat milk at this point, too. This gives me a 5 lb. batch.

I’ve never used a flavored coffee, but it sounds delicious! And I don’t use any fragrance. When I add the lye to the coffee it smells really bad and turns kinda milky-coffee looking. I mix at about 100 degrees, give or take a couple. Pretty much this recipe acts like my others, nothing unusual during the creating phase. When it’s done, I do get some dark circles around the black ground spots. My bar comes out very dark, I use a VERY strong batch of coffee. Everyone is so different, but I really think this soap is great looking! But I love the natural look I get from my ingredients, and I never look to acheive a light bar just for the sake of color.

submitted by Cheryll H.

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