Goat Yogurt & Cream Cold Process Soap Recipe

2 oz. almond oil
4 oz. apricot kernel oil
4 oz. avocado oil
13 oz. coconut oil
7 oz. olive
6 oz. palm kernel oil
4 oz. shea butter
2 oz. beeswax
8 oz. beef tallow

3 oz. castor oil at trace

7.3 oz. lye

20 oz. total liquid

5 oz. water
8 oz. frozen goat yogurt
7 oz. frozen heavy cream

I melt all oils together. Add lye to 5 oz. water, cool. Add frozen shush of goat yogurt and heavy cream… the lye mixture will turn slightly pale yellow. Then add to oils, all about 120°F. Traces in about 45-60 minutes… add castor oil and fragrance.

This has become my favorite soap. It has a thick rich lather. It is on the expensive side to make… but it is soooo good. Enjoy…

submitted by Kate S.

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