Goat’s Milk Cold Process Soap Recipe

I have this recipe that I think is relatively easy, and every time was great for me. This method will give you very light colored soaps with only milk and no water in the formulation. The only thing to remember is to keep temperatures very low. And 80 to 85 degrees is what I always use, without having anything bad happen to my soap.

Olive oil 12 oz.
Coconut oil 3.5 oz.
Palm oil 3.5 oz.
Castor oil 2 oz.

Lye 2.90 oz
Slushy frozen GMS 11 oz.

Temps of lye/milk 80 degrees, temps of oils 85 degrees.

Directions: First make sure your frozen milk is mashed up good, for this I use a potato masher. (I usually froze my milk in ice cube containers, then mashed as I needed, so the milk is really cold, not semi unfrosted.) Then I fill my kitchen sink with cold water and ice cubes (use at least two ice cube trays). Float your container with frozen milk where you are going to mix the lye in the sink and proceed to add the lye in very small amounts, as if it were salt adding to a meal, keep mixing good. The secret is not to do it too quickly, because the lye will burn the milk if done carelessly. When you’re done (it will take you around 10 minutes) leave the lye/milk in the sink with water till the temperature is 80 degrees. You should by then have your oils ready for mixing, at no more than 85 degrees. When mixing do not use a stick blender all the time but just at the beginning to make sure the lye/milk and oils are thoroughly incorporated, then do the mixing by hand. At trace add your scents (I like better EOs for GMS because they will not overheat the soap). Pour in individual molds, and do not try to cover or insulate.

My soaps always turn delightful, pale yellow or even white (when I use peppermint as EO.) They never smell like goat. I think the smell is a sign of overheating.

I have successfully used some FOs in GMS, but it has to be incorporated at light trace, and be even more careful about temperatures. Also when you add honey or clay, the temperatures tend to rise in the mix.

submitted by Maria J.

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