Great Rebatching Soap Recipe

I made this one up a couple of weeks ago and when I decided to rebatch it, it melted down like nothing I have ever seen before! I added just enough milk from the fridge to coat the bottom of the pan I was using.

60 oz. Olive oil (I used Pomace)
20 oz. Palm Kernel Oil
10 oz. Safflower Oil
5 oz. Cocoa Butter
3 oz. Castor oil
13 oz. lye
36.75 oz. Water (I mixed 12 oz. water with the lye. I made up 24 3/4 oz. powdered goatsmilk and froze it to slush and added this after the lye/water and oils.)

Mix lye/water with oils at 100°F. This traced much faster than the castile recipes that I usually use because of the cocoa butter in it. My bars that I made are not exceptionally hard, (at two weeks) but the sample piece that I used lathers profusely!

submitted by Kay C.

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