Honey-Apple Oatmeal Bar Soap Recipe (Cold Process)

64 oz. Sunflower Oil
48 oz. Olive Oil
18 oz. Coconut Oil
18 oz. Palm Oil

4 tsp. Sea Salt
24 oz. Water
21 oz. Lye

4 oz. Cocoa Butter
1 cup ground Oatmeal
1/2 cup Natural Honey
32 oz. Buttermilk

5 oz. Castor Oil
8 oz. Apple Fragrance Oil
1 oz. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1/4 cup ground Stevia
1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

Turned soft pinkish/gold when buttermilk was added… looks perfect, for the apple scent, with dark green swirls. Smells good enough to eat! Someone else once mentioned getting pink soap with buttermilk, and I never have before. I wonder if it might be the honey??? My other honey bar is made with an herbal tea base, so it’s deep honey gold.

submitted by Alaena H.

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