Iodine Values of Various Soap Making Oils

The iodine value is a measure of the saturation of a fat or oil (how many centigrams of iodine can be dissolved per gram of oil or fat). Saturated fats have low iodine values, and unsaturated fats have high iodine values. There are a few exceptions, but usually fats with high iodine values make softer soaps and fats with low iodine values make harder soaps. Keep iodine values in mind as you combine oils to make your own soap recipe. — North Country Soap Making Library

Oil Iodine Value
Almond oil, sweet 105.0
Apricot kernel oil 102.5
Avocado oil 80.0
Babassu oil 15.5
Castor oil 85.5
Cocoa butter 36.5
Coconut oil 10.4
Corn oil 122.6
Cottonseed oil 105.7
Jojoba 85.0
Lard 58.6
Neem oil 71.0
Olive oil 81.1
Palm oil 54.2
Palm kernel oil 37.0
Peanut oil 93.4
Safflower oil 145.0
Sesame oil 106.6
Soybean oil 130.0
Sunflower seed oil 125.5
Tallow, beef 49.5
Tallow, mutton 40.0
Wheat germ oil 125.0

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