Judy’s “Ahhhh, the 60’s” Soap

First I will begin by saying this is my 9th batch of soap… all small batches. No, I am not brave enough yet to make milksoap… someday soon!!! The name of the soap I made is, “Ahhhhh, the 60’s”… a reminder to some of my friends about the Hippy Dippy days. The funny thing, I called an old friend and told her I was sending her soap that I had made and that it had PATCHOULI and hempseed oil in it… the first words out of her mouth were… ahhhhh, the 60’s. I thought that was kind of funny, since that is what I already decided to call it.

2 oz Castor oil
8 oz Coconut oil
3 oz Grapeseed oil
10 oz Olive oil
6 oz Palm oil
5 oz Shea Butter

14 fl oz water
5.19 lye (or should I say close to it…I don’t have a fancy scale)

Now the way I understand it, superfatting is the oil that you put in after it traces. For that I used the castor oil and about 1/2 oz of patchouli oil and a drop of Arabian musk oil.

It is whitish in color, lathers nicely and the smell is rather heavenly. Kind of a mild patchouli smell… which is fine with me… I am not a real patchouli fan. I thought of this soap as a joke to all my “60” friends.

submitted by Judy T.

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