Maria’s Recipe for “Mommy Loves You!” Milk Soap

I have a very special recipe that I made for my baby Arianne, who had reactions to every commercial baby soap. This is a very unusual soap, but really worked wonders for my little one, and I have made for friends with their own “secret filling”.

Sweet Almond oil 6 oz.
Apricot Kernel oil 4 oz.
Avocado oil 2 oz.
Canola oil 4 oz.
Castor oil 4 oz.
Cocoa butter 2 oz.
Olive oil 12 oz. (infused with 1 oz chamomile flowers)
Safflower 6 oz.

Lye 5.10 oz
Goat milk 13 oz
Mommy’s milk 8 oz (this is the secret filling)

I mixed the lye in the goat’s milk (less one ounce), all slushy like ice cream, and then it cooled to 90 deg. I put my milk also slushy in the lye mixture. Then I added this to the oils who were already melted and at 85 deg. At trace added the ounce of GM with:

1 TBS of Borax
1 TBS Honey
1 TBS Glycerine

… and scented lightly with Lavender EO.

Was a long trace, 30 min. with stick blender and by hand alternating, but the results are amazing.

One tip: Use individual molds to avoid overheating. These bars tuned out great with a beautiful creamy yellow and soooo gentle.

submitted by Maria J.

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