Maria’s Yogurt and Carrot Soap

I have this soap that is great for skin with problems (like mine). Works wonders in acne cases especially if you tend to get spots on the places where you had a zit, and it’s not harsh. Is also a best seller.

Coconut oil 10 oz.
Olive oil 6 oz.
Palm oil 6 oz.
Hazelnut oil 2 oz. (this is great for acne)

At the trace add:

Apricot Kernel oil 2 oz.
Jojoba oil 2 oz.
Emu oil 2 oz. (you can use neem oil if you don’t want to use animal fats — neem oil is antiseptic)
Aloe de Vera 3 oz.

Mix 4.25 oz. of lye (5% discount) with 10 oz. of icy cold and slushy yogurt. Wait until the lye/yogurt solution is 80 degrees cold and add to the fats at 90 degrees.

Before putting in molds, add 1 TBS of Carrot Seed EO (great for skin conditions), 1 TBS Tea Tree oil (great for acne), and 1.5 TBS of Lavender EO (healer and disinfectant).

Tip: Use individual molds. The soap turns very light and does not overheat. Wait till very heavy trace before pouring in the molds and do not insulate. Wrap the soap in paper or fabric, anything that shields from light, and keep away from the heat sources, this is so the essential oils are undisturbed and stay active in the bar longer.

submitted by Maria J.

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