Mary's Malted Goat Milk Soap Balls

22 oz distilled water
12.97 oz lye
20 oz coconut oil
20 oz olive oil
20 oz crisco
30 oz lard

Then at trace add:

12 oz can of concentrated (I did not dilute) goat’s milk… cold, with 3 Tbsp. of malted milk powder, dissolved in it
1 oz shea butter, melted
1 oz castor oil
1 oz sweet almond oil
FO of choice…. I used Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey FO

Follow all safety instructions, and I mixed at 110 degrees. I molded it in a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag. I insulated with a towel, in a cold oven with the light left on, for 24 hours. Then I put the soap thru, a food grinder, and then formed into balls. Hope you all like it.

submitted by Mary T.

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