Mild Chamomile Cold Process Soap Recipe

28 olive
7 beeswax
8 coconut
4 palm
2 castor
6.5 lye
12 strong chamomile tea
4 coconut milk at trace
1 tea bag of chamomile flowers at trace

Mix at 150° (because of the beeswax)

As any of you who have made tea like this know, it turns a dark brown color with the lye, so I wasn’t surprised by that, but I guess the large amount of beeswax and the chamomile together were just too much! Right before my eyes, my soap turned into this absolutely fluorescent yellow color. As the next couple of days went by, the soap thankfully lost its neon hue, and has settled into kind of a golden tan color. Anyway, the whole point of this story is that every batch is an adventure! And, may I say that I love that soap. It got really hard and popped out of the molds like a dream, and gave me a good sudsy lather the very first day. I think it will be great!

submitted by Bonnie L.

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