Nurilin's Kiwi Rebatch Soap

I made kiwi soaps (rebatched) on Friday and it turned out really good. I usually make several smaller batches in a day since I don’t have the patience to wait for a larger amount of soap to melt. The rebatch never fails me. It takes less than 40 minutes to get things done right down to the molds for every batch like the one below.

(340 g) 12 oz. grated soap (scented/unscented)
(255 g) 9 oz. water
1 kiwi
(4.5 g) 2 teaspoons powdered benzoin
(28.3 g) 1 oz. melted cocoa butter/castor oil
green dye
few drops of ylang ylang &/or kiwi fragrance oil

Peel, slice & puree kiwi and do not add any water. Weigh the pureed kiwi and add water to make 9 oz. (255 g). Add the liquid to the grated soap and melt in a double boiler (I melt it in a heatproof measuring cup in a pot of hot water). Add the benzoin powder, eo’s and/or fo’s, castor oil/cocoa butter, green dye and stir well, then pour into molds.

You might like to decrease the amount of water if you’re using new batch of soaps for the above. These soaps still have a lot of moisture compared to those that have sat there for a couple of weeks. You can start at 4.5 oz. for 12 oz. grated soaps.

Shelf life: 6 to 8 months.

submitted by Nurilin I.

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