Paula's Goat Milk Soap Recipe

10 oz. water
11.12 oz. lye
20-24 oz. goat milk straight from frig. (add at trace)
2 oz. mineral oil
16 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. palm oil
46 oz. corn oil (Crisco oil – usually or store brand)
5 tablespoons sea salt
5 tablespoons sugar
5 tablespoons essential oil – usually patchouli and lavender

Placing container in sink of cold to ice water measure out water, add lye, salt, and sugar, and stir until thoughly dissolved. Usually start 1-2 hours before mixing and heating oils giving lye time to cool to 100°.

Measure out coconut oil, palm oil, corn oil placing in pan on stove and heating to approximately 100°. Mix oil and lye mixture together at 100° making sure they are as close to the same temp. as possible. Stir at least a full five minutes. You can alternate using a stick blender or hand mixing and allowing mixture to rest about every other five minutes until mixture starts to form a very light trace. Add mineral oil and goat milk from frig and stir. It will start to reach a trace fairly quickly at this point. Add essential oils and continue stiring at least until well mixed. Pour into molds and cover, setting in undisturbed place for 48 hours. I always cover with saran wrap. After 48 hours remove from molds and cut into bars. I use a mold that has dividers to create separate bars. Place where each bar can be turned every few days for approximately 3-6 weeks. If you live in a hot humid area you must cure longer. Also I find that the more humid it is the more problems there are with any recipe I make so try to pick a fairly dry day to make soaps.

submitted by Paula S.

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