Simply Soap — a Cold Process Recipe

Here is my recipe for Simply Soap, and I’ve never had that fail.

6% superfatted

90 oz. Olive oil
18 oz. Coconut oil
32 oz. Palm oil

Heat oils together, to 110 degrees.

24 oz. water
20 oz. lye

Cool to 110 degrees. Add to warm oils, stirring carefully. Stir till it thickens to the point of thin pudding (trace). Add:

5 oz. melted Cocoa Butter
4 oz. Castor oil, or Sweet Almond, Wheatgerm Oil, Grapeseed… or???
32 oz. buttermilk

Mix in well.

This is a rich, simple soap that is great for people who do not want anything scented. Great as a shampoo bar, or to use for rebatching small amounts. Soft bar without additives. May add any herbs or scents at trace, if desired. The soap thickens quickly when the buttermilk is added, so have your mold prepared. I use a stick blender in one hand and a spoon in the other, using both simultaneously. I add the herbs, etc., at light trace, then the buttermilk, stirring it in well, then last I add the scents which are added to 4 oz. castor oil. If I put in color, it’s done right before pouring.

submitted by Alaena H.

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