Stephanie's Coconut Milk Soap

4 oz. mango butter
5 oz. shea butter
10 oz. castor oil
21 oz. canola oil
30 oz. palm oil
30 oz. coconut
40 oz. palm kernel oil
60 oz. olive oil

26.85 oz. sodium hydroxide mixed with
33 oz. water to which 2 tbsp. sugar was dissolved in
16 oz. whole milk
14 oz. can coconut milk

I mixed the lye and oils at 90°F. At trace I added the milks. I didn’t shake up the coconut milk enough in the can, so I just beat it senseless with the stick blender and the whole milk before adding. This is light on the liquid, as per the lye calculator. It really helps with a firmer bar, but watch your pour time! It sets up soooo quick!

submitted by Stephanie C.

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