Teresa’s “Oh! Rango-Mango” Goat Milk Soap

This recipe my 12 year old son helped create and he gave it the name Oh! Rango-mango.

.5 oz beeswax
1.9 oz coconut oil
8 oz olive oil
4 oz palm kernel oil

2.5 oz distilled water
1.93 oz lye

At trace, add:

2.5 oz slushy goat’s milk
1.6 oz melted mango butter
2T sweet orange eo

Then, I separated this into two containers, with one having slightly more than the other. In the first container (with the most soap) I mixed 2 teas. baby food carrots – giving it just a hint of color. In the second container I mixed 4 teas. baby food carrots. Then, I dropped the darker color into the lighter color and kind of swirled it around. I was trying to get kind of an “orange-mango” colored marriage.

I put it into 4 individual molds; 2 of which are bars and the other 2 I’ve made into balls. This soap does seem to be especially soft although I did use a lye calculator so I’m not sure if it will ever be a really “hard” bar of soap, but it does lather beautifully and smells great. (I’m just wondering if I was given the wrong SAP value for mango butter. I was told 140 – does anyone know if this is right or not?)

submitted by Teresa W.

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