Tips for Making Beer Soap

Beer soap is easy, you just replace all or part of your water with cold flat beer. Pour the beer between glasses to get rid of any fizz left over, and when you stir in your lye, use a nice DEEP container so that it doesn’t climb out of the container. Stir in a little lye at a time, let foam, stir in more, let it foam, etc. Might want to wear a mask if you don’t usually, as the mixture will smell awful. It’s going to accelerate trace so be prepared. I’d recommend staying away from the dark stouts and porters and sticking to lighter brews like pale ales and pilseners. Try to scent with something that goes well with licorice, too, because that’s the smell the beer is going to impart to your soap.

submitted by Sara P.

To make beer soap, just replace your water with FLAT beer. If the beer isn’t flat, you will volcano. That’s it! I love beer soap especially in the shampoo bar.

submitted by Carol P.

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