Tropical Banana Cold Process Soap Recipe

I found the coconut cream powder (2 oz. pkg.) at a Laotian grocery. I also found a 2 oz. pkg. of coconut milk powder at an Indian grocery.

16 oz. olive oil
9.6 oz. coconut oil
6.4 oz. palm oil
0.5 oz. beeswax

4.53 oz. lye
12 oz. pure water

1 small banana, peeled and mashed very well
2 tbsp. citric acid
1 tbsp. vitamin E oil
1 (2 oz.) pkg. coconut cream powder
1/4 lemongrass EO
1/4 lime EO
1 tsp. sweet orange EO
2 tbsp. coconut fragrance oil

My oils and lye were both at 100°. I mix the mashed banana with the citric acid, vitamin E oil and fragrance oil to keep the banana from going dark. I use an old mixer for stirring my soaps and at trace I added the banana mixture and the coconut powder. I mixed another 15 mins. on low then added essential oils and mixed 1 more minute.

I poured the soap into a foot long piece of 3 in. PVC pipe. I sprayed the inside of the pipe with olive oil PAM. I didn’t insulate (never do) and unmolded after 24 hours.

It was light when poured but now is caramel brown. Lathers very well.

submitted by Debbie B.

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